Fan Art

Many of my fans are much too gracious to me... But in thanks for their gifts, I display them here proudly. I give you, the fan art of Mory.
A note, however - because I have such a swell of art suddenly, and I do host them on my own site, which is graciously provided to me by Rai, I can no longer post art here unless the artist uploads the picture elsewhere then sends me the link. I sincerely apologize, and I still lum and welcome all the fanart given to me and keep it safe... Please dun hate me. ;_;

Art By Rachel Witter (AKA Shirt-Chic Rai)  -   Mory 0wnz the GGU Machine  / Mordred lookin' all pretty and gothy and mysterious  / Group shot goodness XD  / Mory and Randy quasi-schmooze

Art by Isabel Gonzalez  -   An adorble girl group shot  / Mory... With her shades off!  / Mory...The Great

Art by Kaido Rakaen  -   Mordred in pretty boxers XD  / I say, it's Nigel!  / Gothic Lilla and Elli!

Art by Shady  -   Berty-chan in all her prettiness ^^

Art by Toktobis  -   Lillyflower using her happy aura on you

Art by tl_squared  -   Mory, big and lookin' badassed

Art by AJS  -   Mory as the Wireless Queen

Art by Kit  -   Lillyflower being all cute and stuff

Art by Chibi Klonoa  -   Mordred lookin' bishie...ish

Art by JChan  -   Mory and Randy all cuddly and cute!  / Mory and Randy again, just as schweet  / Mory's Friend and Mordred, another cute couple ^_^

Art by JKatkina  -   A Mory/Randy Lovechild!

Art by Risawn  -   Realistic Mory!

Art by Kaitlyn  -   Mory chillin'  / Randy bein' cool  / Mory plushie!

Art by Nyu  -   Adorable little Randy chibi!  / Adorable little Digi-Charat Berty-chan!  / Adorable little Lilly chibi!

Art by Riyou  -   Mory strip - computer go boom!
(a note: this comic was given to me before the strip I made with a similar incident was posted. Small world, no?)  / Mory strip 2 - nothing impresses the Mory  / Mory strip 3 - Mory's l33t skillz at worK

Art by Patches  -   An adorable Guyth!  / Elli and a plotting Berty-chan

Art by Gem  -   Pissy little Mordy boi

Art by KimagureNaAlias  -   Sketchies of Mory

Art by Meghan Dombrowski  -   Guyth lookin' sexah

Art by Toaster  -   Mory raids the fridge

Art by Atroposchan  -   Berty-chan and prey  / Mordy is in lum

Art by Neko  -   Mory Okekaki

Mory filler colored by Brian the DungeonMaster

A Humorous Alternate of April 7th's Strip, Lettered by Kit

Mory Halloween Costumes - Pic1 and Pic2 from Indigo Steel - Pic3 and Pic4 from Indigo Steel's schmoopa

A Mory Wallpaper by Kevin

Guest Art Fortnight + 1/2 Strips
Rai    Aido    Izzy    Shady    Oni    Meo    Seby

Guest Strips Round 2
Kaido    Oni    YhkamPG    Seby    Mel

Guest Strips Part 3
Nyu    Oni    Kami    Patches    Aido    Yhkam

Holiday Hoobalah 2002 Entries Thanks again to everyone who entered! They're all beautiful!
1st Place - Toaster
2nd Place - Unrealized
3rd Place - Myre
Gracious Participants - Shini   -   Robyn   -   PTW   -   The Sparky


All characters and art of "Mory's Education" are ŠJ.D. Tuttle, 2001-2003. Thank you.

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