Issa EtoAll you Ever Wanted to Know About The Eto(And probably a lot you never really cared about)

Well, who then is this Eto person, you ask? That she is me, the one who created Mory's Education. You come here seeking to know of me? Well, I'll tell you a little something at least...
I'm currently 21 and working on an English Degree with Creative Writing emphasis at Western Washington University (I start this fall). Writing, drawing, and story-telling in general are the passions of my life. While Mory is very important to me, the first and foremost thing in my life is fantasy writing, and I am currently seeking the publication of my first novel, Shadow of the Hero. I'll let you know when it's due for publication. Trust me.
Anyways, nothing much else to be said - I guess I can use this part here for a quick FAQ on Mory and my involvement with it.

Where did Mory come from? Like any artist, my inspiration comes from that which surrounds me - Mory's Education was actually an idea I putted around for at least two years before beginning. It grew from noticing the variety of strangeness associated with society, as well as the quirks and humor of myself and my friends.

Why furries? I prefer using furries for Mory because, while they live in a humanoid society, they still have little nuances that humans could never accomplish. Not to mention, I have quite a bit of fun drawing Lillyflower's ears and such like that.

Do you take commissions? Okay, not many people really ask this, but I want it to be stated somewhere that yes, I am currently accepting commissions. I don't charge very much, but I am desperate for another source of income, especially with being a starving college artist. I also appreciate any and all purchases from the Mory store - if there's something you want special, please let me know. I'll work to fufill your needs.

What's your book about? My book does not follow much of the same lines as Mory, so to be honest, don't expect much of the same work you're familiar with of mine. As I said, I write fantasy - I try to incorperate humor, but I've been told it's along similar lines as young adult novels. My current project, which I mentioned earlier, is a fantasy about a girl and her best friend from this world who travel to another, but with quite a few twists and turns. I'll spare the details for now so I have curious readers when it's published. ^_~

Well, that's about it. If you're looking for personal updates to why I'm working on something else other than Mory, please check my blog periodically - I don't write in it as much as I used to, and you won't see me on AIM much anymore, but if you wish to contact me for questions, comments, or commissions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or IM. Thank you again for all your support and listening to my little tirade.

How to Contact The Eto
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AIM -- KouryuuGreenwind

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I would like, however, to extend my sincere thanks to some people, for without them, Mory would never be here today. I would like to thank all my friends who pushed me to go as far as I could. I would of course like to thank Shirt-Chic Rai, for all the diligent work and poking she did to get me to work on this, and also Izzy, Kit, Mel and Seby for lending me their mad coloring skillz when I had no time to do it on my own. Thank you also to all my dear friends who give me so much html help, offers for assistance in production, and just plain inspiring and putting up with me. Also, of course not lastly, the fans. Without you, this comic would be nothing but my own giggling. Thank you to everyone who makes Mory a part of your life, the forum haunters, those who e-mail, and overall remind me why I do this. Thank you.


All characters and art of "Mory's Education" are ŠJ.D. Tuttle, 2001-2003. Thank you.

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