The Characters of Mory's Education

Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Birthday: Sept. 14th
Eye/Hair: green-blue/dark blonde, quasi-short
Occupation: L33t M45t3r/Computer genius
Background: Mory was reportedly raised by rabid demon-wolves, but she currently lives with her grandmother in a quaint two-story house. Her first computer at the age of 3 was her first inspiration, and she spent only two months building her computer, the Ine to its current glory. Her computers are her life.
Personality: Quiet, relusive, educated but naive in many senses.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - computers. Dislikes - non-computers.
Mory's Friend
Sex: Female
Height: 5'11"
Birthday: Jan. 2nd
Eye/Hair: dark blue/blonde, short
Occupation: Student/Part-Time Taco-Folder
Background: Mory's Friend grew up as Mory's neighbor, and though she's her best friend she doesn't quite share Mory's passion for computers. Due to various circumstances, (including Mick the Dancing Dragon), no one really knows Mory's Friend's name.. Hence her title. She loves books and knowledge, as well as living life to its fullest.
Personality: Outgoing, funny, bright, a true romantic at heart.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - friends, books, truth and justice. Dislikes - mean people, lack of compassion.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Birthday: Feb. 22nd
Eye/Hair: green/auburn, long to mid-back
Occupation: Student/Professional Tree-hugger
Background: Lillyflower only recently moved to the school, the newest of the girls in the group. Her parents run the Non-Denominational Church of Mother Nature's Sunshine and Love, giving Lillyflower her extrodinary love for nature and all its aspects. She brings peace and love to all... Usually.
Personality: Bright, cheery, optimistic, nature-loving.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - Nature, friends, flowers and smiley sunshines. Dislikes - Gloom, strife, anything emotionally upsetting.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Birthday: April 5th
Eye/Hair: purple/black, short
Occupation: Student/Anime Rights Leader
Background: Berty-chan moved to the school during her freshman year and quickly grew attached to Mory and her friend, despite both having an only mild interest in Berty-chan's passion, anime and Japanese culture. She hopes to one day move to Japan and starting a manga store/Japanese Boy Farm. She is also an aspiring manga artist trying to get her books published.
Personality: Obsessive, helpful, mildly sarcastic but trustworthly.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - anime, manga, men, setting traps. Dislikes - lack of yaoi, boring things.
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"-6'2" with horns
Birthday: August 23rd
Eye/Hair: light blue/brown, (occassionally dyed black) to middle back
Occupation: Backstock worker at Wiretown
Background: Mordred really doesn't talk much about his background... He lives downtown in his first apartment along with his two roomies, Flick and Nigel. He works at Wiretown and is rather curiously interested in the group of girls he was introducted to by being sold to them as a slave... Particularly his now-girlfriend, Mory's Friend.
Personality: Brooding, contemplative, poetic, but kind to those he knows and trusts.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - pointy things, his trenchcoat, foreign films. Dislikes - his workplace, doughnuts, catching his wings on things, bad grammar
Sex: Male
Height: 5'3"
Birthday: June 17th
Eye/Hair: purple-gray/dark blue, quasi-short
Occupation: Student/Member of the Community Theater
Background: Randy is the infamous Rezno47, Mory's online boyfriend. He grew up in a town about 40 minutes drive from Mory and her friends, and recently moved to be closer to her. Little is known about Randy as of yet, but he seems a nice guy... If not a bit, abstract...
Personality: Trusting, mysterious and proud of it, rather sly but a good friend. As before mentioned, his train of thought is anything but straight.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - Mory, computers, theater and acting, Mory, the color porn orange. Dislikes - Not being with Mory, airplanes, pink fluffy things, (unless they float).

Supporting Cast
(The ones you see a bit more often)

Elliot - Elli is the keyboardist of Graphite, Flick and Nigel's band. Sweet at heart, but plagued by Berty-chan for pictures with his significant other, Rhubarb.
Flick - The lead singer of "Graphite" and one of Mordred's roommates. Drinking buddy to Nigel, and a surfer freak.
Guyth - Depressive poet that attends our protagonists' college... Lilly and he have long since been rivals in writing contests.
Lilla - The only female member of Graphite, Lilla is calm and composed, despite her rather inimidating looks.
Mick - The dancing dragon/cute mascot of Mory. He has been entrusted to keep MF's name from us... Why, only he knows.
Nigel - The philosphical bat boy who also rooms with Mordred and Flick. He mostly sets aside sociological endevours to drink beer with Flick.
Rhubarb - Graphite's most devoted roadie, Rhu is first and foremost Elli's devoted love. Rather timid around other people, he prefers to keep to himself otherwise.
Suka - Suka is the drummer for Graphite, and though his hulk is intimidating and his speech slow, there's no gentler heart than this band painter.
Yasuzo - The exchange student from Japan, and Berty-chan's "starter" for her Boy Farm. He only wishes he could study in peace... Often hides from women in trees.

Minor Cast
(The ones you don't see too much of)

The Mory Cult - A band of little robed freaks who for some reason or another believe Mory is their savior. Think you've heard the last of them? Think again... Or not.
Greg - One of Randy's faithful friends of the theater. Light technician man.
Kyuuei - Leader of the Choir for Lilly's family church, so of course a friend to anyone Lilly meets.
Phil - Man in charge of the Photo Hut, which of course, develops photos. He claims to wear no pants, but the truth is one of Mory's many mysteries...
Mikey - Mory's little nephew who has become a visiting for Christmas tradition. He idolizes his Auntie Mory and wants to be just like her... Weirdo.
Raiden - A rather nice and friendly 'roo... But, no one's quite sure on Raiden's.... Well, gender. It's certainly one or the other - just, no one knows. Not even Ren. And he's dating Raiden!
Ren - The not-so-smooth ladies man, Ren is always chasing anything female. He rarely gets a hit, however. Unless it's a punch in the face.
Steve - Steve is another one of Randy's underused stage friends. He's the stage manager... But he can be annoying quite easily, due to his need for control in chaos.

All characters and art of "Mory's Education" are ŠJ.D. Tuttle, 2001-2003. Thank you.

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